SkullMen by K89


Skull Men belongs to the K89 brand, dedicated to hair care since 2010 with sales in both Europe and America, and this in turn belongs to the Vitafrán group, a family business that has its origins in 1989 as a distributor of hairdressing products for the area of Murcia, Alicante and Albacete. It currently has its own sales team of more than 20 professionals.

Until relatively recently in the world of hair, barber shops were forgotten by the product brands. A few years ago, a resurgence began to take place and numerous openings took place with a special focus on men. As a result of this, Skull Men was born in 2014 with 4 shampoos, waxes and pomades for hair, as well as 3 specific products for the beard such as shampoo, oil and balm.

We define Skull Men as a brand with its own identity, rebellious, but at the same time very modern, with a long background that reaffirms our experience, and that has the endorsement of professionals in the sector with whom we often coincide in events related to sport, music or motorkulture. Moreover, we are among those who think carefully about every detail of today's men, that is, all those who defend their masculinity and understand that their looks are the best letter of introduction to position their personal brand and, ultimately, to stand out with their personalities. But, in this case, doing so with a very characteristic seal of authenticity that allows them to stand out from the rest.

It is worth remembering that Skull Men will continue to belong to K89 and the Be Yourself philosophy remains intact, present in a very direct way in the line and whose most important goal continues to be quality. For this reason, the products are thoroughly tested by the most prestigious and nationally recognised barbers and men's hairdressers, as well as by real customers from whom we ask for total sincerity when it comes to assessing them.

Our aim has been and will continue to be to go hand in hand with professionalism, which is why we understand each phase as an opportunity to always offer the best of ourselves. A work that, of course, is handcrafted, and in which the special affection that we include as standard in the processes that form part of our Skull Men brand predominates. Nor do we forget our commitment to meeting the needs of a sector in continuous growth, nor do we renounce active listening, because the advice of experts also allows us to constantly improve the products we sell, without losing sight of each of the trends that emerge or will appear in the future.

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